Thursday, January 23, 2014

Para in Toronto Life February issue tries to clarify article about sexual assaults on York U campus

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[Update: York University says now that it settled with Toronto Life in December. Here is the paragraph that Joanne Rider, York's, chief spokesperson and director of media relations sent in response to seeing this post:
York University confirms that it has agreed to the dismissal of its action against Toronto Life in a settlement achieved in December 2013. A statement made to Excalibur newspaper by the University this week erred in omitting this information. The parties have now complied with their obligations under the settlement.]   
The February issue of Toronto Life magazine on newsstands now contains a one-paragraph "clarification" about its October article "Fortress York". The article, by freelance writer Katherine Laidlaw, suggested that young women students on the York University campus lived in fear of sexual assault; a secondary cover line on the issue asked "Why are there so many rapes at York U?" 

York last September said that it intended to pursue the magazine for defamation. It's not known if these two carefully constructed sentences will mollify the university An article this week in Excalibur, York University's community newspaper, suggests perhaps it won't; it says York was standing its ground and will continue to pursue a suit against the author and the publication. York University spokesperson Joanne Rider told the paper
“There is no change in the status of the university’s legal action at the present time.” 

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