Friday, February 28, 2014

Stop the presses? Marquee speaker jumps
to Time Inc.

Heckuva a thing. MagNet organizers will want to make a quick change to the promotional copy for June's conference to take account of the fact that its kickoff speaker is switching jobs. 

It has just been announced that Scott Havens is leaving The Atlantic to join Time Inc. as its senior vice president for digital. He has been president at The Atlantic since September 2009. (He had agreed to be the MagNet Marquee speaker on June 3.)
"Havens has been credited, along with his former boss [Justin] Smith, with The Atlantic's aggressive focus on digital strategies, which led to his promotion to president in 2012," [says a story in Adweek]. "The Time Inc. gig gives him a much bigger platform, but one that's been considered slower-moving on the digital front.
"They wouldn't be hiring me if they didn't want to make some radical changes to their digital platform," he said. "They're willing to break some eggs to get it done."
Time Inc. executive vice-president Todd Larsen said in his announcement of the hire
"Scott’s role is a big one. Digital is a critical growth area moving forward, and we have ambitions to significantly grow our scale. Scott’s job will be to drive this aggressive expansion."



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