Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Grid magazine named -- again -- one of five best-designed newspapers in the world

The Grid, the weekly magazine published by Torstar Corp., has been named by the Society for News Design as one of the five best-designed newspapers in the world, for the third year running. (This will doubtless continue to annoy those critics who demand that The Grid choose whether it is a newspaper or a magazine rather than saying it is both.)

The judges said
"If The Grid were a friend — and it seems like it’s aiming to be – it would be the one who grabs this and that from their closet, adds a colorful scarf and a thrift shop bracelet to create a near perfect effect. 
"Pleasingly jumbled at first glance, the whole look is deceivingly harmonious and smart, supported by a design grid that might be 7 columns, 5 columns or somewhere in between, but is always in the neighborhood of hip."

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