Friday, March 14, 2014

Precedent tells its readers what it takes today to be "polished" at work

Precedent magazine has always prided itself on its sense of style. It has just published a six-part guide for its lawyer readers telling them what it means and takes to look polished today. It's a little bit different than in years past.In one part of the guide, a group of Bay Street lawyers sat down to say what it means to dress for the job. 

Among the other things we learn from their conversation that there is a lot more casual dress, particularly among senior partners, that women don't have to wear high or the highest heels anymore, that colour is not only allowed but more frequently seen, and that "nice, neat" beards are OK on men. 

In another part of the guide, the distinction is drawn between fashion and style at work.
“As with everything, you should dress for your audience,” says [Will] Stewart, [a consultant with the public relations firm Navigator]. “Know your clients, understand how they would view you with too much or too little emphasis on your attire. Dress as an extension of your work with them.”
 The case is also made for buying custom-made shoes, the kind that will set you back about $1,500. 

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