Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Alive Publishing Group to launch natural health magazine sage in collaboration with Loblaw

A new natural health magazine called sage is to be launched in September in a partnership between Alive Publishing Group  Inc. of Richmond, B.C. and Loblaw Companies Limited. The magazine will be published nine times a year and be made available free to 140,000 Loblaws customers in more than 800 locations across Canada.

Alive Publishing Group produces alive magazine, alive interactive, alive Australia, alive Pharmacy and the alive Academy. The flagship alive is said to have a readership of roughly 500,000.

(This venture  is an interesting development given the recent discontinuation of the print version of Fresh Juice magazine, launched in April 2012 in a similar joint arrangement between Transcontinental Media and Loblaws.)
"We're excited about the opportunity to bring Alive Publishing's 40 years of success in natural health and wellness to Loblaw retail brands," said Ryan Benn, president of Alive Publishing Group in a release. "Alive Publishing's continued success is the result of our unparalleled ability to make complicated natural health information accessible and actionable for everyday readers. We can't wait to bring our commitment to providing preventative natural health knowledge to Loblaw retail brands. A strongly positive impact on their customer's health and wellness is our ultimate goal."



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