Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Rogers Publishing latest company to end
unpaid internships

Unpaid interns at several magazines in Rogers Publishing were let go this morning, the latest fallout from the crackdown last week by the Ontario Ministry of Labour under the terms of the Employment Standards Act. 

Most publications have one or more unpaid interns. Flare magazine, for instance, has had 6. 
An enquiry to Rogers asking how many interns were let go and at which magazines was responded to this way by Louise Leger, communications manager, publishing:
I can confirm that some interns within Publishing finished their internships with us today. We believe internships are a valuable opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience. We also view interns as prospective employees. In fact, we’ve hired about one-third of those who interned with us in the past year, while others go on to get jobs in their fields at other companies.
Some Rogers internships which were ended today were not due to finish until early May. Some Rogers publications, such as Canadian Business pay their interns and Rogers has paid a modest honorarium to people who take part in its M-School, which involves placements in editorial, sales & marketing, design, photography or production. 

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