Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outdoor Canada magazine wins big in outdoors writers' awards

Hunting editor Ken Bailey
Outdoor Canada magazine has won six Outdoor Writers of Canada national communications awards. It won  first and second for magazine feature fishing, 1st and 2nd for magazine feature hunting and 2nd for magazine columns. Outdoor Canada hunting editor Ken Bailey was presented with the prestigious Pete McGillen Award, named for the famed outdoor writer,  to a member of the Outdoor Writers who best reflects the aims and objectives of the organization.  Here are the winners in magazine-related categories:

Magazine column
1st- Gord Ellis, "Moose Hunting: Understanding the Insanity", Ontario Out of Doors
2nd- Gord Pyzer."Team Canada". Outdoor Canada
3rd- Garry Moore. "Maturity and Guns", Northwoods Sporting Journal

Magazine feature fishing

1st- Ken Bailey. "Is the Sutton the World’s Best Brook Trout River?",  Outdoor Canada
2nd Gord Pyzer, "The Secrets the Pros Never Wanted You to Know", Outdoor Canada
3rd Ken Bailey, "Spin City", Alberta Fishing Guide

Magazine feature hunting
1st- Ken Bailey, "King Can",  Outdoor Canada
2nd- Alan Davy, "Never Miss a Turkey Again", Outdoor Canada
3rd- TJ Schwanky, "Grizzly Encounter", Western Sportsmen

Magazine feature other
1st TJ Schwanky, "Grizzly Attack", Alberta Outdoorsmen
2nd- Duane Radford, " Alberta’s War on Wolves", Alberta Outdoorsmen
3rd Don Meredith, "The Demise of Woodland Caribou in Alberta", Alberta Outdoorsmen

1st- James Smedley, "Missinaibi River", Ontario Out of Doors Magazine
2nd James Markou, "Hummingbird", Ontario Wildlife Federation
3rd- Mick Bohonis, "Hill Top Paradise", The Chronicle’s Journal “Outdoors Guide”

Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association -- National Fishing Week writing awards
1st- James Smedley, "Successful Family Ice Fishing", The Outdoors Guide
2nd- Duane Radford, “Y.O.L.O”, Alberta Outdoorsmen
3rd- Brad Fenson, “West Coast Fishing Adventure”, Alberta Outdoorsmen

The Ducks Unlimited Canada -- Wetlands Appreciation Award
1st- Duane Radford, "Alberta’s Wetlands going to Hell", Alberta Outdoorsmen
2nd- Brad Fenson, "Wall to Wall Gadwall", Wildfowl
3rd- Judie Steeves, "Do Your Bit to Protect Valuable Wetlands", Kelowna Capital News

The Brock McRitchie Writing Award -- sponsored by Len McRitchie

1st- Kevin Wilson, "Hunting: a Family Affair", The Outdoor Edge
2nd- James Smedley, "Fishing with the Next Generation", Canoe Roots Magazine
3rd- Kevin Wilson, "Kids and Bow Hunting", Western Sportsmen

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outdoor Canada is one of Canada's consistently strong and focused magazines. Good to see it get hat tipped.

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