Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rogers has quietly cut "several hundred" mid-management jobs and 15% in the executive suite

A spokesperson for Rogers Communications Inc. has acknowledged that the company has quietly cut "several hundred" middle management positions across Canada and 15% of its executives at the vice-president level and above. The confirmation came Monday in a story in the Toronto Star and aligns with recent announcements of the departure of several key senior editors at Rogers Publishing (although it's not known what proportion of the "several hundred" are editorial employees.)

The clearout is part of Rogers 3.0, a multi-year plan designed to streamline management, first heralded in May by Rogers recently arrived CEO Guy Laurence. 

Rogers spokesperson Patricia Trott told The Star's Dana Flavelle:
“As part of the restructuring we have reduced the number of vice president and above positions by 15 per cent and several hundred middle management positions have also been eliminated across the company. These decisions are never easy. The goal is to become a more nimble, agile organization with much clearer accountabilities. Savings will be reinvested in areas like training and systems to better serve our customers.”


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