Monday, July 21, 2014

To the bare walls! Everything at FUSE must go!

FUSE magazine,is being wound up this week and there are a lot of details to be covered off, apparently. It has published its last e-newsletter and is publishing its last print issue (a commemoration) in August. 

It is holding a "garage sale" on its last day in business, Friday July 25 at 454-401 Richmond Street West during which everything, including back issues, monographs, catalogues, office supplies and furniture, will be on the block.

The magazine is to be congratulated about being careful about copyrights. When the publisher -- Artons Cultural Affairs Society -- dissolves, all of the past materials will be deposited with e-artexte, carrying a Creative Commons license. Copyright is retained by the original contributors and they have the option until Friday of opting out of being part of the digital repository. Current subscribers whose subscriptions go past August are having them fulfilled by copies of Canadian Dimension and C magazine.

FUSE was launched in 1976 and announced in December it was ceasing publication after 37 years. The magazine started out as a newsprint magazine called Centrefold based in Calgary in 1976. Relocated to Toronto in 1978, it changed its name to FUSE, the founding editors of which were Clive Robertson, Lisa Steele and Tom Sherman.


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