Friday, October 03, 2014

Kayak wins magazine of the year in the Maggies

Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids has won Magazine of the Year in the Maggies, the awards program run by the Manitoba Magazine Publishers Association. The People's Choice award went to The Cellar Door. Multiple winners were Canada's History magazine (4) and Prairie Fire (2). The awards were presented at a gala event on Thursday night:
  • Best single issue: Canada's History -- "Our Greatest Explorer"
  • Best regular column or department: Canada's History -- Christopher Moore
  • Best editorial feature: The Cottager -- "When Good Comes Out of Tragedy" (May-June)
  • Best mobile, digital or interactive: Canada's History -- "Canada's History Destinations"
  • Best cover photography: Geez -- "PerSisters"
  • Best cover illustration: Canada's History -- "Our Greatest Explorer"
  • Best brand extension activity: Anna Magazine -- Event studio, cooking classes
Business to business, association or custom
  • Best Business or individual profile: Conservator -- "Trensending from Tragedy"
  • Best professional, industrial article: Canadian Journal of Green Buildings and Design -- "Biophilic Design -- Materials and Health"
  • Best single issue: Canadian School Counsellor -- "Back to School, Fall 2013"
Arts & Literary
  • Best poem/suite: Rhubarb -- "The Wandering Heart of Cornelius Klassen"
  • Best short fiction: Prairie Fire -- "The Book about the Bear"
  • Best editorial...Creative non-fiction: Prairie Fire -- "The Moon in Scorpio"

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