Wednesday, October 29, 2014

PMB fall data shows readership of digital magazines up 57% in past 12 months

The fall 2014 Print Measurement Bureau information says that overall readership of digital magazines, which PMB has measured since 2013, has increased by 57%  to 2.9 milllion in the last 12 months.It also found that most digital magazine readers (80%) also read printed magazines. Only 20% read only digital. And the printed versions of the 81 PMB-measured titles has kept steady, reaching an average of 1 million readers per issue.

The data shows that in fall 2014, digital smartphone magazine readers increased 162% (927,000 to 1.6 million) and digital tablet readers 115% (582 to 1,251). It also showed that digital magazine reading is 55% higher in Toronto than in the rest of Canada. And the fused PMB/comScore database shows that incremental website reach of print magazines + websites has increased to 25%, compared with 15% in 2010.
The fall 2014 data, based on sampling over the past 2 years, shows the top 10 magazines in total readership:
Total readers
Reader's Digest 4518
Canadian Living 3448
Canadian Geographic 3375
Kraft what's cooking 3348
Cineplex Magazine 3033
Chatelaine 2871
People 2730
CAA Magazine 2407
Maclean's 2074

In terms of measured readers per copy, the top 10 were:
The Hockey News Magazine 22.0
Canada's History 21.7
Outdoor Canada 20.6
Canadian Geographic 20.5
People 20.5
Canadian Gardening 15.6
Cottage Life 14.3
Sportsnet Magazine1 13.6
Dernière Heure 13.6

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Anonymous Brian said...

This PMB press release is so misleading. That 57% is off a very small base. And the 48 English magazines common to the last two PMB Fall reports have lost 9% of their average issue readers (down 5.1% since the Spring 2014 report). That's a loss of 6.5 million readers and considering that half of the sample is common to the two studies, the actual year over year losses are even greater. All is not well.

2:46 pm  

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