Monday, November 24, 2014

This Magazine launches "alternative"
university guide

For years, Maclean's (and to a lesser extent, the Globe and Mail) have had the annual university rankings pretty much to themselves. This year, as the Maclean's guide is on the newsstand, the November/December issue of This Magazine has launched its own Alternative University Guide
"Designed with the socially conscious student in mind, This Magazine evaluates everything from environmental practices and disabilities support to progressive academic programs to help for students who are parents.  
"We tell students which schools have the best LGBT rights, the best mental health programs, and the most accessible transit. You’ll also find out what schools are fighting rape culture in innovative new ways and what schools have some of the most active student advocacy clubs.
"We wanted to cover areas mainstream guides don’t and create a resource that would help progressive, lefty students make the best choices for their post-secondary education,” says This Magazine editor Lauren McKeon 

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