Thursday, December 04, 2014

Bloomberg Businessweek celebrates 85 years of publishing and disruptions

Bloomberg Businessweek is celebrating its 85th anniversary with (count 'em) 5 different covers, each featuring one "disruptive idea". These and 81 others are featured inside the magazine. Among the disrupters, according to a post on FishbowlNY, are the VCR, Twitter, Starbucks, GPS, gay marriage and email. Editor Josh Tyrangiel said:
"This special issue chronicles the most disruptive ideas of the past 85 years, those entrepreneurial earthquakes whose tremors are still being felt. Disruption is a trendy word, but it’s used here without endorsement. To add a little tension, we’ve gone to the trouble of ranking these 85 disruptions and counting down to an overall world-changing champion. Comparing the importance of television to the impact of the Laffer Curve or Google to the AK-47 isn’t meant to yield scientific results. It’s meant to start some interesting arguments and remind us how dramatically business can change society."



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