Sunday, February 22, 2015

Digital travel mag LaCARTE launched in Toronto

A new, digital travel publication La Carte has been launched in Toronto. It consists of a weekly e-newsletter, a quarterly digital magazine and ongoing social media content. The publication is led by editor and writer Maryam Siddiqui.

After a "soft launch" last month, the new publication has already had about 6,000 page views and 2,500 unique visitors. Its tagline is Travel Smarter, Travel Better. The target audience is said to be upscale and digitally savvy 25 to 50 year olds who draw a distinction between a vacation and travelling.

"As an avid adventurer, I set out to write the travel magazine that I wish existed, and I found out I was in very good company," says Siddiqi. "La Carte fills an unique gap in travel content that is smart, discerning and relevant — and of course, fun."

Siddiqui's experience with travel was best demonstrated by her 193-day, round-the-world trek (21 countries) that she chronicled in 2013 for the National Post. Among the contributors to the new digi-mag are Karen Cleveland, former senior manager, marketing and communications at St. Joseph Media, Barry Hertz, the executive producer for features at the National Post and art director Geneviève Biloski, also at the National Post.



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