Tuesday, February 10, 2015

E-book sub service Scribd offers content from 10,000 comic books

Scribd, the e-book subscription service, has partnered with the publishers of more than 10,000 comic books and graphic novels, according to a story on The Verge. Subscribers to the $8.99 per month service will now be able to read classic runs of comics like The Avengers and X-Men. The companies with whom Scribd has partnered include heavyweights like Marvel, Archie, IDW and Arcana. 
Users will be able to search by title, publisher, and character, and Scribd's author profile pages will live alongside character profile pages that contain trivia about comic book heroes like Spider-Man and G.I. Joe. The app will also feature a "binge button" at the end of each comic book, which will allow users to jump immediately to the next title in a series.
Marvel VP Daniele Campbell said that with the partnership, they hope to reach readers "who wouldn't normally find themselves inside a comic shop." 

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