Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Facebook by far still most dominant platform for millennial readers

While some millennials may complain about the cluttering up of Facebook by their elders in fact it remains the number 1 or 2 most dominant forum for a range of topics. According to a story on Folio:, out of 24 topics listed in a study done by Media Insight Project, Facebook was the number one source for 13 and number 2 for  7, making it by far the most dominant platform.

Further, while millennials turn to social networks for lifestyle and entertainment stories, they tend to search out newsier content in magazines, newspapers and TV stations or their associated websites. 
"A majority of millennials paid for content or accessed paid content using someone else’s subscription—that willingness to pay doesn’t mean they agree [with] the practice though. 
“In the qualitative interviews, we heard the notion that, because news is important for democracy, people feel they should not have to pay for it,” the report says. “It should be more of a civic right because it is a civic good.” 
They also showed a greater willingness to pay for print than for digital content. 
"More than one fifth of the millennials surveyed say they paid for a subscription for a print magazine in the last year, when a less expensive digital version was available."



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