Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SkyNews celebrates 20 years of looking up

The May/June issue of SkyNews, the astronomy magazine, marks 20 years of uninterrupted publishing and does so with the biggest issue ever. Newsstand buyers will find the 72-page issue polybagged on newsstands starting April 13 along with an 8-page booklet co-published with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada called "Getting Started in Astronomy". The publishers say
"SkyNews, which describes itself as The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy & Stargazing, won the National Magazine Award for Best New Magazine when it was launched in 1995 by the National Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa (now the Canada Science & Technology Museum).  When faced with government-wide budget cuts in 1999, the Museum sold SkyNews to its editor, popular science author Terence Dickinson, publisher Greg Keilty and associate publisher Colleen Moloney. 
"SkyNews has a paid circulation of 24,042 serving a niche market of amateur astronomers and astrophotographers and is able to depend heavily on its enthusiastic subscribers to remain profitable." 



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