Friday, April 03, 2015

Heritage Minister Shelly Glover announces she's dropping out and going home to Manitoba

Shelly Glover, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, has announced that she will not run again, though she will serve until the expected October election. As Heritage Minister, Glover is responsible for -- among many other things -- the CBC, national museums and the Canada Periodical Fund. 

Glover -- Manitoba's most senior cabinet minister -- said "it is time to return to my previous life", by which she apparently means as a member of the Winnipeg Police Service, from which she is on a leave of absence as a sergeant. 
"This past 18 months has been particularly difficult for me and my family as we have dealt with some very serious health issues while I was away from home. As their wife, mother and grandmother [with a second grandchild on the way], my family is very grateful that I am coming home."
She has been in the post as minister of heritage and official languages since July 2013, the latest in a string of heritage ministers; there have been four Conservative ministers since February 2006, including Bev OdaJosée Verner and James Moore. Glover was first elected in 2008 to represent Saint Boniface riding in Winnipeg. 

At the same time as Glover made her announcement, International Development Minister Christian Paradis also announced he won't run again. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Canadian Magazine Fund no longer exists.

10:54 am  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

Oh, jeez. Thanks for correcting me on that. I have changed it to Canada Periodical Fund; can't understand why I slipped a cog on that.

4:53 pm  

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