Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maisonneuve magazine lecture series is about Doing it Right

Maisonneuve magazine is launching a lecture series called Letters from Montreal, on Wednesday May 13 at 8 p.m. It's being presented in collaboration with Café L'Artère, coopérative de solidarité7000 Avenue du Parc

Talented performers from different backgrounds have been asked to address one topic: Doing It Right. The moderator will be the magazine's editor Halley Cullingham and the speakers will be
  • Fariha Roisin, a freelancer writer & the co-host of the podcast Two Brown Girls. Her lecture will be about "Doing the Right Thing: what's feminism got to do with it"
  • Rollie Pemberton, a DJ, rapper, poet & person. His lecture will be about "Playing the game the right way"
  • Meags Fitzgerald, a graphic novelist, illustrator, improviser and vintage photo booth expert. Her lecture will be about the tension between "Correctness and stubborness", specifically as it relates the clash between innovative design and nostalgia-rooted design.
  • Jacob Wren, a writer, novelist, performer and expert at sharing literary quotes on social media. His lecture will be about "Stumbling towards art and politics"

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