Thursday, April 02, 2015

NOW magazine and its allies demand Ontario not enforce "misguided" sex trade laws

NOW magazine is calling on the Ontario government not to enforce contentious federal sex work laws. It's working in collaboration with a network of organizations interested in the issue, The signatories have issued a statement saying, in part
"Even if the Ontario Attorney General has concluded the law is “not clearly unconstitutional,” this is hardly an endorsement of the law – and certainly doesn't remove the fact that the new provisions will contribute to the risks of harm faced by sex workers. The Government of Ontario must not enforce this misguided law. We will continue to fight for the development of laws and policies that promote health, safety and human rights for all Canadians."
NOW has a dog in this fight since, if the law is enforced, it may be forced to discontinue the lucrative sex trade classified ads that anchor the back pages of the Toronto weekly. However the magazine has also spoken out forcefully about the law since the Supreme Court ruling in December 2013 upholding the rights of sex workers and the subsequent federal government determination to get around it. 
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