Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Canada Council outlines trends it says are compelling new funding model

In advance of the unveiling of details of its new funding model in June, the Canada Council for the Arts has published a preliminary document outlining some of the trends and issues it has identified in consultations. 

The Council announced in January that there is to be a major overhaul, reducing 142 discipline-specific categories to fewer than 10 broad, national non-disciplinary programs, but without a reduction in over all funding. The new model will be announced in June and will be implemented  by 2017 

Among the trends and issues is says it has heard about:
  1. The need for flexibility and compressing the wait times between application and awards
  2. The need for interdisciplinarity and a more open-ended grant process
  3. A need to respond to alternatives to the formal not-for-profit arts organizations
  4. More engagement with the public and promoting the public profile of the arts
  5. The need to adapt to rapid technological change
  6. Increasing access to international opportunities
  7. Responding to diversity, particularly with aboriginal artists and young creators
  8. The precarious nature of the economy for the art sector



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