Monday, May 18, 2015

Independent magazines are faced with the challenge of passing the torch and keeping it lit

Succession planning in independent magazines is an under-discussed issue. That's why the recent Facebook post by Wendy Priesnitz is both apt (for her and husband/partner Rolf) and thought-provoking about how titles are to carry on when their hard working founders, visionaries and champions decide to kick back and move on.

Life Media publishes a family of digital magazines about natural family living, homeschooling/unschooling/life learning, and home/micro business, including digital bimonthly Natural Life magazine, Natural Child, Life Learning and Child's Play as well as a range of books (traditional and e- ) on similar themes
"Rolf and I have decided that we need to retire," said Priesnitz. "I turn 65 in two weeks (yikes); Rolf turns 68 in July and has had three strokes. So we're starting to look for people to take over some or all of what we do."
On the Life Media page the message was similar:
"We have been publishing magazines since 1976 and it is time for us to retire. But we would like to see the business continue. So we are entertaining proposals to purchase or otherwise take over one or all of the Life Media publications."
It seems most likely that successors will come from within their loyal readership, people who subscribe not only to the publications, but to their principles. The trick will be finding someone who has the editorial and publishing skills to carry on the work of almost 40 years.



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