Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Branding journal Sway launched by branding agency Goods & Services

A Toronto branding agency called Goods & Services has launched a magazine called Sway: A Journal of Branding. It says it is designed for “people who build and guide companies, collaborate on marketing teams, manage brands at agencies, or who just want to find out more about branding.” It makes no secret of its promotional nature.
"Like Goods & Services itself, Sway explores all facets of brand communications, from positioning and strategy to design and advertising—but stays well out of dry-textbook territory," the company says in a release. "The goal will be to help empower readers with a combination of thought-starters, industry information and practical tips to make the connection between better branding and stronger business results." 
Publisher of Sway is Carey George. Editor is Sue McCluskey. George says in an opening message:
"[This journal is] the embodiment of our love for what we do: a constant quest to raise the bar of our industry, to apply serious research and thought to a field that‘s viewed by many as mere decoration. It‘s also the embodiment of our contrarian attitude: when most periodicals are struggling to survive or, worse, turning out the lights for the last time, has there ever been a worse (or better) time to launch a new journal?"
A print copy of the inaugural issue of the magazine is available for $10 plus tax. A digital copy is soon to be available through the App Store. 



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