Sunday, June 14, 2015

Magazine editor and writer Jocelyn Laurence
has died

[This post has been updated] A lot of Canadian magazine people find themselves bereft with news of the death of Jocelyn Laurence at the age of 63. She was well-known as a magazine writer and editor -- for instance as a senior editor of Toronto Life and editor of Canadian Art magazine. She wrote a column about relationships in Toronto Life from 1985 to 1989 which many people admired. 

Laurence had earned a great deal of respect from freelancers who'd had the good fortune to work for and with her. She was the daughter, notably, of the novelist Margaret Laurence. 

[Update There will be a party on August 28 to celebrate Laurence's life, on what would have been her 63rd birthday.] To receive details, write joceylynlaurencememorial[at]gmail[dot]com. 



Anonymous Jess Ross said...

Jocelyn wrote a humour column for Homemakers for several years, a sort of "real talk between friends" read. She often used a word or two that I had to look up. She didn't use these words to be pretentious; she had a vast vocabulary, she knew how to use words precisely and she assumed our readers were intelligent.

Here's a column of hers from Homemakers, which includes the word antediluvian.

Jocelyn also wrote a lovely piece about her final times with her friend, Cynthia Brouse.

Take care,

11:50 pm  

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