Thursday, July 16, 2015

Manitoba magazines offer 3 for $33 subscription bundle to mark 30th anniversary

To suitably mark its 30 years of supplying Manitoba magazines to readers, the Manitoba Magazine Publishers' Association has packaged a special 3 for $33 offer, with a value of up to $150. Fourteen publishers have signed on to be are part of the offer, including  AyokoGeezHorse CountrySports LifeCanadian Dog FancierRhubarbSAYCanada‚Äôs HistoryKayakCovetCV2The CottagerPrairie Fire and Border Crossings.
"Many of these magazines you will not see on the newsstand racks because they are focused on local people and their activities (Horse Country, the Cottager for instance), or they focus on a niche readership: Geez, Rhubarb, Border Crossings are examples," says MMPA executive director Linda Hazelwood.
There's a direct Facebook link to the offer (which is for new subscribers only) and a Twitter link

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