Monday, July 20, 2015

The Syrup Trap satirical site puts out print edition, goes national

The Syrup Trap, a satirical fake news site that started online among some students at UBC has graduated to produce its very own print edition, included inside the summer 2015 edition of Geist magazine. According to a post on
"We follow the same model that The Onion does which is throughout the week we write down headline ideas and then we bring all of them together to a pitch meeting and then we read out the headline ideas, and  whichever idea gets the most laughs we develop into an article," [said Nick Zarzycki, founder and editor.]
The magazine is now pursuing a national audience, but trying to do it in its own particular way. 
"We're very wary of the fact that we're basically just copying the Onion model in Canada," Zarzycki said. "We're all beginners at this so I think it's a good place to start to imitate what you like. 
"One way we've tried to develop our own style is to do what we like, which is silly jokes ... jokes that are little bit more absurd, a little bit sillier than you would find made on The Onion and on The Daily Show for example.
Our favourite fake headline so far is "Vancouver ranked the most city in the world."

Audio of CBC story



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