Friday, August 14, 2015

Going big for September, Hearst fashion magazines use roving newsstand and
"mags in a box"

"Fashion to Go"
September is the key month for many fashion magazines and Hearst Magazines in the U.S. is hustling them in and around New York with the "Mag Mobile", a travelling newsstand selling copies of Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen and giving away samples of beauty products.

It's combining this with a continuation of a remarkable promotion it started last year -- selling a 9.2-pound "Fashion to Go" package of Hearst magazines.

And, as part of its "September strategy", according to Adweek, Hearst is also using so-called "beacon technology" in partnership with the Barnes & Noble bookstore chain to alert potential readers of Elle to the arrival of the September issue whenever they pass a B & N store. This year's Elle is the biggest ever in its 30 years, promoted with four different covers. Big sister magazine Bazaar has the largest issue in its 148-year history and Marie Claire has its 2nd largest. 

"Overall, the fashion group's strong September showing can be linked to luxury brands betting on U.S. consumers. "All of the European luxury markets have significantly increased their spend in America, particularly as the rest of the world is a bit softer and the luxury marketplace in the U.S. is very robust," said [Hearst Magazines president and publishing director Michael] Clinton "The American market is now the growth market."



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