Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Original visual poems sold to help fund Musicworks magazine's classroom program

As part of its fundraising for its Music in the Classroom program, Musicworks magazine is offering for sale a series of 11 original, hand-drawn and hand-painted visual poems created exclusively for offshoot Musicworks Editions by the internationally renowned sound poet Jaap Blonk. The sale of Secret Recipes ($200 per image*) directly supports Musicworks In The Classroom. Funded exclusively by donors, the classroom program distribute more than 3,000 copies of Musicworks to undergraduate music and media-arts students every year. Blonk explains:
"The Secret Recipes series started with some kitchen experiments: the combination of one liquid and one solid / powder ingredient, such as buttermilk and turmeric, beetroot juice and icing sugar or carrot juice and mustard seed. Due to the relative incompatibility of tastes the recipes weren’t very successful, and I decided to keep them secret. Directions are written; however, they are in a script that has such a distant relation to phonetic notation that it has become indecipherable."
Previous offerings from Musicwork Editions have been Pauline Oliveros’ Important Notice, John Oswald’s Four Editors Edited, R. Murray Schafer’s The Black Theatre of Hermes Trismegistos, and Gordon Monahan’s ABCDEFG.



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