Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quote, unquote: Coping with a new kind of reader

"I think there is an interesting tendency among some consumers who are looking for content but don’t seem to care what the source of the story is. I grew up in this industry with a keen awareness that the voice and authority of the brand was important, something that you developed and shaped, and it was part of what readers were attracted to and loyal to. It was like creating a house that the reader wanted to inhabit. But now readers can choose this living room and that kitchen and another back yard, all from different brands. So, are we seeing a new kind of reader? Or are readers changing the way they behave? And how does that affect how we create our content?"
-- Carole Beaulieu, editor-in-chief and publisher of L’actualité, Canada’s leading French-language current affairs magazine. She was quoted in a Q & A with Magazines Canada as part of its promotion for the FIPP World Congress, coming up in October.



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