Monday, September 14, 2015

Chatelaine tracks down all four federal leaders
for Q & As

In what seems like both a journalistic coup and playing an important part in bringing issues to the fore, Chatelaine magazine has managed to bag and publish interviews with all four federal leaders. Its particularly useful especially in light of the recent cancellation of the "women's debate".
"Plenty of ink has been spilled over what exactly the term “women’s issues” means," the editors said "and whether it should be used at all. Women comprise more than half the population and are also more likely than men to cast ballots, so there is something a tad reductionist about corralling us all into a special-interest group. Yes, we care about reproductive health and gender parity in leadership — but so do men. And yes, men worry about national security and the economy — but women aren’t exempt from those concerns....
In fact, the focus of the interviews -- conducted over 13 days in August and September -- was fairly wide-ranging and the questions that were asked were quite hard-hitting. You can be the judge about whether the answers came up to the standards of the questions.

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