Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TC Media offers Quebec advertisers a range of content marketing routes to their business and finance customers

TC Media Business Solutions Group is now offering Quebec advertisers a turnkey menu of ways of reaching Quebec business and finance audiences with marketing and digital strategies applied across various financial platforms: Les Affaires, Finance et Investissement and Investment Executive
“We are very proud to be launching a new line of services that highlights the talent and expertise of our people, while also giving our customers the opportunity to raise awareness of their brands and increase their visibility with a high-quality audience,” said Sylvain Bédard, vice president, business solutions at TC Media, and publisher of Les Affaires Group said in a release. 
“Through our prestige brands, we offer multiple distribution channels to advertisers who want to foreground their expertise through content marketing, to showcase their products and services through partner content, or to be associated with our editorial content.”
Essentially, advertisers will have a choice of three ways to communicate with customers:
  • Associating their message with editorial content written by journalists in the group, with full journalistic independence; 
  • Commissioning content written by the specialized content services team, with advertiser approval (essentially, "native advertising"); 
  • Or (for advertisers who want total control) to draw on the skills of the specialized team to produce promotional content about the advertiser’s products and services, distributed on the advertiser’s own channels, or as “partner content” in business solutions properties.

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