Monday, November 09, 2015

Maclean's cover story was an editorial
opportunity seized

The outrage displayed by (among others) Britain's Daily Mail about Maclean's magazines's cover showing Omar Khadr is so clearly misplaced that it's hard to know how -- or whether -- to respond. 

(That the comments the paper cited came largely from Ezra Levant doesn't help matters. It is also perhaps one of a dozen times when Khadr's image has appeared on the magazine's covers.)

The story, written by Amanda Lindhout (who spent a year and a half as a hostage in Somalia) chronicles the unlikely friendship that sprang up between her, Khadr (who spent most of his youth imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay) and Rinelle Harper (the survivor of a vicious attack in Winnipeg). The magazine acknowledged that the connection among the three was "utterly improbable"

Is there an editor among us then who, when presented with such a story, would not seize the opportunity and publish it fully and prominently? And, having such a story in an issue, would not feature it on the cover? Magazines are in the storytelling business and this is a heckuva story. 

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