Friday, November 20, 2015

Simplified 2016 Canada Post pub mail rates may be anything but simple for publishers

Changes to the 2016 Publication Mail pricing by Canada Post is making some publishers unhappy, particularly if the result is a 6 - 15% increase in costs. The changes include changing Letter Carrier Presort (LCP) to a simplified "Special Handling" blended price. Vesna Moore, the director of circulation at Annex Business Media includes in a LinkedIn post a quick calculation publishers can do to see what 2016 could look like compared with 2015.

I like the comment by Michael Fox, publisher of Garden Making magazine (and an acknowledged postal expert) in response:
It's important that publishers try to educate Canada Post on our need for sensible, long-term pricing and product design. While many of the 2016 changes intended to simplify Pubs Mail make sense, the severity of some of the changes are likely to do more harm than good for some magazines and ultimately for Canada Post.

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