Saturday, December 05, 2015

New in New Brunswick: Created Here magazine to promote visual artists

Issues 1 and 2
Visual artists in New Brunswick now have a new quarterly magazine to promote their work, called Created Here. The first two issues are out. Subscriptions are $40 a year and single copies are $7 at selected outlets, museums and galleries or $10 online. 

The print magazine started as a website and directory but has now expanded into a print product, too, according to a story from the CBC. 
"People love to see something in print," said Marie-Hélène Morell, founder of"Beautiful photos and beautiful art. It's a totally different experience than online." 
Morell works from her home in Grand Bay-Westfield and visits workshops and studios as she can (she has two small children and another on the way.) The goal of the magazine and website is unabashedly promotional. 
"Publicity and promoting themselves is not often [artists'] strength," she said. "A lot of artists just want to be creating".
The project received some early funding from The Pond-Deshpande Centre, and also got advice and other support from the ArtsLinkNB Catapult Arts+Culture Accelerator program.



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