Thursday, December 17, 2015

VICE magazine to unveil global redesign for its 21st anniversary in the spring

That was  then...
VICE magazine has announced it will unveil a global redesign in March. Launched as a small punk magazine in Montreal 21 years ago, it has since expanded (ed note: exploded might be a better word) into a multimedia network operating in 20 countries and with a network of alliances and its own cable channel next year.
"So what will change?" asks editor-in-chief Ellis Jones. "While we will continue to collaborate with some of the best writers and artists out there, bringing you the long-form features, ground-breaking photography, and captivating fiction VICE has become known for, we'll use this opportunity to usher in a big increase in cultural coverage as well as new voices and columnists examining sex, finance, and much more. 
"Our digital channels will also become increasingly involved, with space carved out for them to discuss the latest in music, science, technology, women's issues, and more. Finally, we'll overhaul the magazine's overall look and feel."



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