Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Block that ligature: Will New York take to the new Met museum logo?

The new look...
...and what it's replacing
Block that ligature. The redesign of an institution's identity isn't an easy matter, but often it's simply agreeing to disagree. However, the look of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is likely to get a lot of criticism. 

People have had 45 years to get used to the current logo with its stylized M. The new one, with its squnched-up type, overbearing "The" and aggressive axe-head serifs will take a lot of getting used to, if ever. It will be reflected and seen everywhere in a complete makeover of maps and signage, starting \March 1. 

The redesign was done by the London-based international branding firm Wolff Olins, the firm which did over the typographic look of the Tates -- Britain, Modern, Liverpool, St. Ives.

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