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Canadian Cover Awards winners announced

Nov 2014
The winning entries in the Canadian Cover Awards were announced on Tuesday evening in Toronto. Co-sponsored by Magazines Canada and the CMC Circulation Management Association of Canada. The awards recognize covers in the sale of single copies on newsstands, factoring in both design and circulation success and sales of the issue. Finalists were drawn from some 88 entries.
  • Toronto Life won both silver and bronze in the general interest, arts, lifestyle and regional category.
  • Canadian Business magazine won the gold award in the news, business and celebrity category for its 100 Wealthiest People issue (Winter 2014) which moved 5,300 copies, a 37.1% sell-through.
  • Ignition magazine won both gold and silver in the Men’s service category. The gold
    Dec 2014
    winner was Winter 2014, marking the 50
    th anniversary of the Mustang, which sold 3,900 copies (33.7%).
  • In the SIP and new magazine category, Legion magazine’s November 2014 issue won gold for its premium-priced issue The Battles which sold more single copies (8,800, a sell-through of 42%) than the magazine has seen in its 90 years of publication.
  • Canada’s History won gold and bronze among small magazines. Its gold winner, December 2014/January 2015, was its all-time bestseller, with 6,200 copies sold (42.2% of its draw).
  • Mike Martin of distributor CMMI was named 2016 Marketer of the Year.
The winners and finalists in all categories:

General interest, arts, lifestyle and regional
Canadian Geographic, December 201 4 (Gold)
Toronto Life, July 2015 (Silver)
Toronto Life, January 2015 (Bronze)
BC Magazine, Fall 2015 (HM)
Canadian Geographic, Jan/Feb 2015 (HM)

Home & Décor
Canadian House & Home, January 2015 (Gold)
Chez soi, July 2015 (Silver)
Style at Home, July 2015 (Bronze)
Les idées de ma maison, April 2015 (HM)
Style at Home, May 2015 (HM)

Men’s Service
Ignition, Winter 2014 (Gold)
Ignition, Spring 2015 (Silver)
Sharp, April 2015 (Bronze)
Ignition, Buyer’s Guide 2015 (HM)

News, Business & Celebrity
Canadian Business, winter 2014 (Gold)
7 Jours, September 2015 (Silver)
L’actualité, February 2015 (Bronze)
Maclean’s, November 17, 2014 (HM)
Zoomer, June 2015, (HM)

SIPs & New Magazines
Legion, November 2014 (Gold)
Tellement bon, December 2014 (Silver)
Canadian Living Specials – Summer BBQ Book (Bronze)
PAS Mag, Japan Special Edition (HM)
Style at Home, Cottage Style Special (HM)

Small Magazines
Canada’s History, December 2014/January 2015 (Gold)
Rotman Management, Spring 2015 (Silver)
Canada’s History, August/September 2015 (Bronze)
Marriage Québec, Fall/Winter 2014 (HM)
Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, March 2015 (HM)

Sports & Leisure
Fly Fusion, Winter 2015 (Gold)
Canadian Aviator, November/December 2014 (Silver)
The Hockey News, March 2015 (Bronze)
Canadian Traveller, Winter 2014 (HM)
Pacific Yachting, July 2015 (HM)

Women’s Service
Elle Canada, September 2015 (Gold)
Coup de Pouce, December 2014 (Silver)
Canadian Living, November 2014 (Bronze)
Elle Québec, July 2015 (HM)
S/ Style & Fashion, Winter 2014 (HM)

Magazines Canada Cover awards press release

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