Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nature Conservancy quarterly magazine launched

Have just caught up with the newly launched magazine of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (spring 2016), which is a handsome promotional vehicle for the organization and its work. The managing editor is Christine Beevis Trickett, director of editorial services who lives in Calgary. She also edits Landlines, the blog of the NCC. 
"It seemed only fitting that...transformation should be the theme of our first issue. In these pages you'll read updates on some of our projects from coast to coast, how our volunteers are helping maintain or improve some of our landscapes and how poetry and words have the ability to generate real change and connection," she said in her editor's message. 
There are a number of magazine-y connections. The cover story is about adjustments to climate change in the habitat of the Whitebark pine; it is written by freelance writer and editor Allan Britnell, who is also president of the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors. 

And another piece is a short profile of Dirk van Loon who several years ago donated part of his oceanfront property near Port Joli on the south shore of Nova Scotia to the NCC. He operates DvL Publishing (Rural Delivery, Atlantic Forestry, Atlantic Horse and Pony, Beef and Sheep) out of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 



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