Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TVA Group magazine division soars in Q1 2016, based on Transcon acqusitions

Revenues for the magazine segment of the TVA Group doubled in the first quarter of 2016, from $14,878,000 to $27,487,000 in Q1 of 2015. Adjusted operating income for magazines was $2,059,000, up $1,094,000(+113%).

The performance of the magazine division was mainly driven by a major acquisition from Transcontinental Media in mid-2015 as well as the pruning of expenses. The magazines segment includes TVA Publications inc. and Les Publications Charron & Cie inc., and publishes French- and English-language magazines. It is North America's largest broadcaster of French-language entertainment, information and public affairs programming, largest publisher of French-language magazines, and one of the largest private-sector producers of French-language content as well as being one of the largest publishers of key English language titles such as Canadian Living. 


Broadcasting & Production


Film Production & Audiovisual Services


Intersegment items




Over all, the TVA Group Inc., a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc., announced recorded adjusted operating income in the amount of $0.3 million Q1, compared with a $7.7 million adjusted operating loss in the same quarter of 2015. The Corporation also declared a net loss attributable to shareholders of $7.4 million or a loss of $0.17 per share for the quarter, compared with a net loss attributable to shareholders of $14.7 million or a loss of $0.57 per share in the same quarter of 2015.

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