Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ontario Arts Council will be launching new online application and management system in December

For literary and cultural magazines based in Ontario, there is a new online application and management system being launched by the Ontario Arts Council in December. The new system is called Nova and it will eventually eliminate much of the paperwork which has characterized the past OAC funding system. Most modifications will be implemented in funding rounds in 2017-18. Some 2017 program deadlines will have new deadline dates. 

The new application system is consistent with the new framework under four, already-announced, funding streams. 
"The OAC will launch a new website in mid-December to coincide with the shift to Nova," says an OAC release. "The website will be much easier to navigate than OAC’s current site – for example, you will soon be able to search for granting programs based on type of activity, priority group and more."
 Magazines receive either multi-year operating or annual operating funding and they are eligible for project support. In the most recent published results (2015) 31 publications received total support of $574,383.

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