Thursday, September 15, 2016

OWL magazine launching digital current affairs magazine for readers 9 - 12

OWL magazine is launching a bi-weekly, current affairs digital magazine for readers 9 - 13. It is free to current subscribers of OWL. 
" Each issue of OWLconnected eMag will feature: news of the week, an in-depth story, an illustrated infographic, sports and entertainment stories, and an interactive quiz. A special section called "The Buzz" will present reader-generated content, and a 90-second animated video will appear in each issue that highlights an event, news story, or important person or historical figure. OWLconnected eMag will be published 26 times a year," the magazine said in a release.
The parent magazine, OWL, was founded in 1976 and is now published by Owlkids, a division of Bayard Canada. Other publications it offers are Chirp (for ages 3-6) and chickaDEE (ages 3 - 9). 
"As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we are thrilled to be launching a new and dynamic digital magazine for readers," shares Kendra Brown, Editor of OWL. "Our OWLconnected eMag is designed to open kids' eyes to the news and information from all around the globe in a fun and interactive way. Inspiring preteens is what OWL does best and we are proud to be adding this new publication to our library of offerings." 

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