Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Feminist online magazine Bad Nudes
launched in Montreal

A new online feminist literary magazine with the rivetting name Bad Nudes was launched this week in Montreal. Its "ironic and irreverent" tone encourages  writers to submit prose and poetry. Eventually, the founders hope that the quarterly can be produced in a print version.

According to a story in The Link, the concept of the magazine started out as a joke during a B.C. vacation, but even at the beginning, Fawn Parker, who is now the poetry editor, took the idea seriously and they "really dug their heels into it." Parker and partners Thomas Molander and Sandy Spink, worked on their website while reaching out to artists in their networks to contribute. 
“The way that we approached it is very open,” [said] Parker. “We didn’t have a strong political direction to go in. But we are political in the sense that we won’t publish anything that is not feminist and we won’t publish anything that is racist.”
The launch had a number of readings (see above) -- poetry, prose and play excerpts.  
“I fucking love Bad Nudes. I think it’s great," said Rhiannon Collett, an award-winning playwright. "It showcases the talent in Montreal and there’s a lot of young and fierce talents,” she said about the fresh mag. “A lot of really talented people I know are in this magazine. I’m really proud of the work that Fawn and Thomas have been doing.”



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