Thursday, November 17, 2016

Independent freelancers may submit to Magawards with reduced fees

The National Magazine Awards Foundation has announced its new Freelancer Support Fund. This allows writers and visual contributors to submit their own work to the magazine awards with the first 2 entries costing $50 each (the regular entry fee is $95). As before, as a registered charity all submissions to the Magawards are tax deductible. Submissions open December 1.

This warms up the rivalry with the inaugural Magazine Grands Prix, being piloted by Magazines Canada for 2017; fees for small magazines is $50 per submission (regular $100). Submissions open December 12.  No provision is apparently made to subsidize independent freelancers. 

Many freelancers rely on the magazines which publish them to pay their entry fees but some find it onerous to enter on their own, particularly in multiple categories.                                                                              

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