Monday, February 27, 2017

David Walberg succeeds Ken Popert in helming Pink Triangle Press

David Walberg
Ken Popert, who has run Pink Triangle Press (PTP) since 1986 and has worked for the Toronto-based publisher for 44 years, is retiring and being succeeded by David Walberg as its executive director, effective April 3, 2017. A release said 
"Popert preserved the organization when The Body Politic, its key title at the time, ceased publication. He recreated the Press as an influential and financially viable enterprise and retires after overseeing an era of tremendous growth and change."
The media company, which has a staff of 55 in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, was founded in 1971 and became one of Canada's leading LGBT media organizations, 
"PTP's defining activity is LGBT journalism. Frustrated that
Ken Popert
there wasn't a voice representing the political and social concerns of gay men and lesbians, a group of Toronto activists launched the gay liberation newspaper, The Body Politic, in 1971. In 2008, The Body Politic was named by Masthead magazine as one of "Canada's 20 most influential magazines of all time." 
"Over four decades, PTP grew from a small grassroots operation to one of the most diversified LGBT multimedia enterprises in the world, with a roster of brands ranging from the Xtra publications in TorontoOttawa and Vancouver, to online publishing and television production."
Most of PTPs publications made the shift to digital delivery on Popert's watch.

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