Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some Quebec honey is not what it seems or says, according to Protegez-Vous magazine

The magazine Protegez-Vous, published by Options Consommateurs in Quebec has reported that one third of honey they tested was of lower quality than promised. 11 of 36 products tested were safe to eat but were flawed or violated Canadian and international honey standards. Various brands, for instance, had sugar added or were overheated, the magazine said in its June issue. Five products have a botanical origin different than advertised on their labels. 

The proprietor of Three Acres summer honey, Liliane Morel, firmly denied any wrongdoing  in an interview with CTV News:
“We promise that we have never, ever done anything wrong, that you are getting a quality product from the bottom of our hearts,” she said.“We have no problem having our honey tested. The problem is that we've been accused of putting sugar in our honey which is totally not true. 
Morel said she was flabbergasted by the Protegez-Vous test, completed in a lab in France. Each honey underwent two tests: one for added fructose and an MRI to confirm the ingredients.“We know what we do and we know what we do not do and add sugar to our honey is definitely not something that we do or will ever do,” she said.


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