Wednesday, May 31, 2017

subTerrain magazine shrinks its format to "break out of staid conformity"

The future is smaller for subTerrain magazine. The Vancouver -based literary has announced it is downsizing its format with its current issue (#76, "The Future Issue") to what it calls a "non-standard off-size" (essentially somewhat like a super-digest.) It has sent a message to subscribers that says, in part
We feel this suits our personality better.  subTerrain started out as a 7 x 10 ’zine and eventually caved in to industry pressure and embraced life as a standard format, newsstand magazine. Well, after nearly three decades of life, we’ve decided to break out of the staid conformity of the magazine rack and live a little. We want to enliven our journey with unpredictability; not only content, but form as well must remain fresh. We are not the New Yorker nor Harper’s, magazines that have maintained their “brand” look for decades and decades on end. We want to embrace the uncertainty of the future; we want to bank on the near limitless possibilities that the unknowable can offer. We don’t want you to know beforehand what to expect from us. We want to surprise you with every issue. We want subTerrain to be an anticipated little piece of mail.

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