Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rodale, Inc. is open to good offers

When it comes to corporate euphemisms, seeking "strategic alternatives" is a dandy. In other words, we'll sell the the highest bidder, which seems to be the message being sent by Rodale, Inc., the publishers of (among other titles that were right up at the checkout) Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention and Runner’s World plus a shelf of books

With a mixed menu of bodybuilding and fitness, personal growth and crunchy diets and wellness, the publisher was also always family owned and kept its revenue information private. It was believed that the magazine publishing and book business pulled in about $350 million a year (U.S.).

According to a story in Media Post, 
"If Rodale doesn’t receive a suitable bid, the company is prepared to continue pursuit of its long-term business plan, which has included aggressive cost-cutting measures over the last few years, including closing Running Times, taking Prevention ad-free and raising the newsstand price, closing its Grow custom content studio, and number of layoffs."



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