Monday, November 06, 2017

Indie writers' deathmatch is where readers pick winner in "most dangerous" short story contest

There are a number of wacky magazine writing contests out there. But Broken Pencil is a front runner as it continues into its second decade successfully running its Indiewriter's Death Match, which it describes as the world's most dangerous short story contest. The winner of the contest has to convince more than 100,000 readers to vote for their story online.

The deadline is December 31.
The top 16 stories battle it out online complete with reader voting, author trash talk and lots of comments. It’s fun and crazy and all about finding and promoting new voices!
The winner gets
  • their story published in Broken Pencil
  • $400 cash and 
  • The Ultimate Literary Makeover: including meetings with: an editor, a literary agent, and an acclaimed author giving feedback on their writing, guidance about entering the publishing industry, and telling you what to do next.

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