Thursday, November 09, 2017

Life in Québec to end regular publication

Life in Québec magazine has announced the end of the publication after 5 years. 

It’s not because the quarterly magazine was losing money, say the publishers -- each issue either broke even or turned a small profit. It's not because print media is dying, although print media is certainly going through a period of considerable change. 
When we launched Life in Québec magazine, there genuinely was nothing quite like it in Québec [said a statement from the publishers].  English-language publications in the province essentially fell into two broad categories: Montréal-based publications that showed minimal interest in Québec outside the 514 area code, and local publications that catered to pockets of small but vibrant Anglophone communities throughout the province.  We launched Life in Québec magazine to prove that there was a market for a broad range of content about Québec as a whole in the English language without the English language or Anglophone communities being the focus point of our content, and in a manner that fully appreciated and embraced the Francophone reality of Québec. 
In this, we feel we more than succeeded, and can now end regular publication of Life in Québec Magazine with immense pride.
Published by Média Trois Canons Inc., the magazine was launched in November 2012 in Quebec City, as a lifestyle magazine published in English (it had started online in 2010), and containing bilingual (English-French) feature articles, columns, book reviews, a business directory, and more. The magazine is supported by advertising and subscription revenue. All of the articles were usually also uploaded to



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