Friday, December 15, 2017

Red Point partners with Calgary Economic Development to launch annual

Red Point Media Group is launching a new, annual magazine called Invest Calgary, focussed on the business sector in Alberta's largest city. It's being done in partnership with Calgary Economic Development. The publishing team is Joyce Byrne and Pritha Kalar. The annual will distribute 135,000 copies and a full-page ad is $6,750. The launch issue is 84 pages, perfect bound and allocates 16 pages to advertising. 

“We are pleased and honoured to have played a partnering role in bringing Invest Calgary to life,” says RedPoint President & CEO Pete Graves [in a release]. “There is so much to say about Calgary today, and Calgary Economic Development really understands that, so we were able to pack a ton of compelling information into the publication. People who are not from Calgary will read this magazine and see what’s possible by being part of this incredible community. And Calgarians themselves will read it and be surprised and delighted at all the amazing things happening in their city.”


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